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Frequently Asked Questions

Helios Commercial

I have sent you my design, how long until they are done?

After you send in your design it will take 10-14 days for your jerseys to be printed up and stitched together.

Can I Use A Company Logo?

Yes you can! But, you must have consent from the company.

Do you have a Designer that can do it for us?

Not everyone is good at designing, we understand! For a total price of 20.00 our designer, Jason, will help you out with your jersey.  However, we are happy to waive the 20.00 fee with purchase of a jersey!

Are there any minimums?

There are NO minimums! Most orders will be completed in 10-14 days. (Larger orders may take longer than 14 days..)

What is your Refund Policy?

We believe the constant communication throughout the process will eliminate any mistakes that could happen. We will keep you updated at every step. So, we do not offer refunds.

Our Team Wants A Fitting Day, is this Possible?

We can definitely schedule an appointment and have a fitting day to make sure your team gets the right sizes! 'CONTACT US' (Colorado area) 

Go to 'Products' tab to see size chart.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

We offer a Bulk Order discount (contact us for more information).

Additional Questions?

Don't be shy! Contact any of us below!

Angela Stover

General Manager

Phone: (719) 380-8731



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